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What you should Recognize and Reward, as part of an effective Employee Rewards Program

By |2022-08-19T18:38:18-04:00July, 2015|Corporate Culture, Employee Recognition|

A good Employee Rewards Program should be flexible enough to work in many situations, and for many different types of employee recognition. You want a program that rewards specific activities, accomplishments and events; and you want to spell out what these “pre-established” rewards will be, so employees can align their work efforts with these desired activities. But you [...]

The big leap, from saying “Thank you” to actually having great Company Culture!

By |2022-08-19T18:39:43-04:00June, 2015|Corporate Culture, Employee Recognition|

Saying “thank you” when one of your employees does a good deed, is a basic and necessary part of having good corporate culture; you simply can’t have a top level culture if this type of courtesy and appreciation are not part of your constant daily environment around the work-place. But this is only the beginning, this type of [...]

“Millennials” need open communication, and meaningful recognition in the workplace

By |2022-08-19T18:41:49-04:00June, 2015|Corporate Culture, Employee Recognition|

The “Millennial” generation is being talked about everywhere.  The children of Baby Boomers, these are the young people born between approximately 1980 to 2000.  Why are they so important now, why are we all talking about them?   …because, as I write this, in June of 2015, they are in their late teens to early 30’s, and they are [...]

Advice for resolving conflicts and helping employees feel appreciated

By |2022-08-19T12:43:10-04:00September, 2015|Corporate Culture, Employee Recognition|

A business owner is nervous that he is about to make the wrong choice in promoting a strong employee over a popular employee. He has written to Annie, who runs a business advice column, hoping she can steer him in the right direction. DEAR ANNIE: A problem is coming up at my business, and I am hoping you [...]

Improving your company culture is easier than you may think

By |2022-08-19T12:43:10-04:00September, 2015|Corporate Culture, Employee Recognition|

One of the most commonly cited reasons why an employee quits their job is that they did not feel appreciated by their employer. Whether this is due to being passed over for a promotion, feeling disliked by their boss or peers, or feeling like they have not been properly trained; a company’s overall culture plays a large part in [...]

Reducing Employee Turnover… through an effective Employee Rewards Program!

By |2022-08-19T12:43:10-04:00September, 2015|Corporate Culture, Employee Recognition|

A business with a high employee turnover rate is losing a lot more than just workers. There are a lot of costs involved when someone vacates their position within the company, and not all of them are monetary. It costs money to hire a new employee. Funding goes into recruiting, and making sure the right eyes see your job [...]

Implementing an Employee Rewards and Recognition Program can improve your entire company

By |2022-08-19T12:43:10-04:00September, 2015|Corporate Culture, Employee Recognition|

So…. who benefits from Employee Rewards Programs anyway? The positive effects of rewarding employees extend far beyond simply keeping workers happy. Sure, employees have the benefit of receiving great company branded logo gifts and merchandise. But beyond that, you will quickly find that the benefits trickle down, and in turn have a positive impact on other aspects of [...]