Yes, we encourage you to let employees reward each other. Receiving recognition from your peer group is very powerful, and there are many ways you can incorporate this into your Program. Here are a few examples that work well:

  • Each month, each of your managers can have their employees vote for their MVP (Most Valuable Player). The person with the most votes will win a reward, usually a SILVER or GOLD level reward.
  • Each quarter (every 3 months), each of your managers can have their employees vote for their MVP. With this option, the top 3 winners each earn a reward; PLATINUM for 1st place, GOLD for 2nd, SILVER for 3rd.
  • Once a month, each manager can rotate around his team of employees, letting one person pick the co-worker whom he or she think does the most for their team. This allows every person on the team to pick a fellow employee for recognition, throughout the year. You build comradery, and you also help keep everyone involved in your Rewards Program.
  • We recommend making a rule that the same employee cannot win twice in a row, to help spread the good will around amongst each team. So your “star” employees can win multiple times throughout the year, they just can’t win twice in a row.
  • You can collect these votes in private so no one knows who voted for whom, or you can make it a public event and reward the winner in front of his coworkers. Each of your managers may want to do it differently, but we’ll help make sure that it gets done.