Most “rewards programs” available in the market today, are primarily designed to reward customers for purchasing more product; they’re actually customer/sales incentive programs. If run correctly, these programs can have a positive effect on customer orders, sales can increase. But too often the increase is short lived; the customer combines their next 2 normal orders into 1 big order, so they can win a prize. Then they skip their next normal order, and their actual volume has not gone up. If you truly want to change customers’ sales volumes long term, you need a very in-depth incentive program that’s combined with product discounts, additional marketing efforts, and significantly expensive/valuable prizes in order to get your customer to better align their business with increased usage of what you provide for them. They need to start concentrating on you as their supplier, and shift away from other activities or suppliers they are currently using.

Our Employee Rewards Program is focused inside your company, on your own team of employees. Our program is a far more quick and cost effective way to improve your company’s performance, because we concentrate on improving the culture within your own company. Our program is turn-key, and it’s up and running in 30 days. We help you to have a direct positive effect on your most valuable assets, your people and your work environment. This in turn creates positive results in all other areas of your business.