A comprehensive program like ours is most effective if you plan to spend approximately $175 per employee, per year – which is a tremendous bargain. You’re able to have a HUGE positive impact on your company’s culture, for less than 1% of current payroll cost. Any money you spend above this, we use to increase the value and frequency of the Rewards your team receives.

By spending at least $175 per employee, you’re recognizing and rewarding good deeds and accomplishments an average of 3.5 times per employee, per year. If you go much lower, you run the risk of your program getting lost in the background noise of daily life. You need consistency and reliability, on the part of both the rewarding manager and the receiving group of employees, so that rewards and recognition become part of your culture.

You also want the Rewards to be meaningful to the people who receive them. So, if your average salary is above $30,000 you should increase your spend by about 14% to $200 per employee. We use this extra money to create higher value rewards merchandise, and also put multiple items into “kits” for greater impact.

But, if you need to spend less than $175 per employee, per year – you can still have a fantastic program! You tell us how much you want to spend, and we will build the best Rewards Program for your budget!