Rewards Programs work best when your managers really buy into them, and use them to recognize good deeds and accomplishments with their employees. This helps create a bond between your people, and improves your culture. Most of your managers will only need a “general idea” of what to reward, and then they will run with it from there.

Create a short list of specific/measurable Rewards Accomplishments that you want to improve upon, and decide how important each goal is to your company (Is it a SILVER, GOLD, or PLATINUM level reward?). This will give your employees a “set way” to earn Rewards:

  • Attendance Goals (100 days without an unexcused absence, or without being late)
  • Safety Goals (each time a new record is reached for days without a safety violation)
  • Training / Certification (completing a company required program)
  • Productivity or Sales Goals (hitting a new “highest ever” sales or production level, by day/week/month/quarter, or however you measure activity)
  • Team Leadership (accepting responsibility to lead a team activity)
  • Work Anniversary Date (insures everyone is recognized at least once per year)

But also let your managers use their discretion to recognize non-measurable behaviors and activities that you want to see repeated:

  • Suggestions / Ideas (that increase productivity or reduce costs)
  • Participation (in unpopular tasks or when volunteering for weekend/early/late/over time projects)
  • Mentoring Co-workers (helping others, or taking the time to make someone else a better employee)
  • Referrals / New Leads / Up-Selling / Cross-Selling (someone creates a referral to a different department/product/service, in an effort to help the company)
  • Outstanding Customer Service (someone receives a very positive report from a customer)
  • Going above and beyond (completing a significant task that’s outside normal responsibilities)
  • Personal Goals (when you find out that an employee accomplished something important to them personally; a fitness goal, medical check-up, a birth/wedding or significant milestone date)