How is your Rewards Program different from others I find online?

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Most “rewards programs” available in the market today, are primarily designed to reward customers for purchasing more product; they’re actually customer/sales incentive programs. If run correctly, these programs can have a positive effect on customer orders, sales can increase. But too often the increase is short lived; the customer combines their next 2 normal orders into 1 big order, so [...]

Who gets the most out of a program like this, hourly employees, salaried employees, middle management or executives?

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Everyone benefits with our Rewards Program, because you’re using this program to improve your culture. This is why you get a minimum 3x positive value from the money you spend on our program… All employees, across all income levels, love to be recognized for doing good things. The physical Rewards Merchandise a person receives may hold more monetary value to [...]

Trade your holiday party for an Employee Rewards Program? Yes, here’s why:

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Our Program will be seen as a big upgrade over a “once a year celebration event.” Holiday parties are increasing fraught with danger, so they face more restrictions each year. Many employees don’t attend, and some that do… shouldn’t. Our Employee Rewards Program is a much better use of this expense and time commitment. Everyone participates in our Rewards Program, [...]

Why does everyone need to receive a reward, even our “worst” employees?

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Everyone needs to feel like a part of this program, so that everyone can experience firsthand how you’re improving your company’s culture. Everyone does at least a few good deeds throughout each year, and it’s important to catch them doing good, then recognize and reward them for it. In fact, it’s the lowest performers who should give you the most [...]

Why should we use merchandise, instead of gift certificates or cash bonuses?

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Good quality logo merchandise has far more value than an equal amount of cash, and it’s also one of the most effective forms of advertising for your company. Your merchandise lasts longer, and reminds the recipient, as well as those around her, that she was recognized for doing good things. Your merchandise makes a positive statement about your company, and [...]