What are some specific things we can track and reward?

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Rewards Programs work best when your managers really buy into them, and use them to recognize good deeds and accomplishments with their employees. This helps create a bond between your people, and improves your culture. Most of your managers will only need a “general idea” of what to reward, and then they will run with it from there. Create a [...]

Can our employees reward each other, or is it just for managers to give out?

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Yes, we encourage you to let employees reward each other. Receiving recognition from your peer group is very powerful, and there are many ways you can incorporate this into your Program. Here are a few examples that work well: Each month, each of your managers can have their employees vote for their MVP (Most Valuable Player). The person with the [...]

Is this a Bonus Program, or can it replace our current Bonus Program?

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This Program is designed to improve your company’s culture, so in that respect – yes, it’s a huge “bonus” to everyone you work with. But NO, this is not designed to replace any of your income programs, like commissions or bonus payments. This program works best when it is added on top of what you are already doing, not used [...]

Trade your holiday party for an Employee Rewards Program? Yes, here’s why:

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Our Program will be seen as a big upgrade over a “once a year celebration event.” Holiday parties are increasing fraught with danger, so they face more restrictions each year. Many employees don’t attend, and some that do… shouldn’t. Our Employee Rewards Program is a much better use of this expense and time commitment. Everyone participates in our Rewards Program, [...]

Can we use these Rewards for Employee Birthdays?

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Yes you can, everyone likes to be recognized on their birthday. But it would be better to make this a “work centered program” and recognize employees on their yearly work anniversary. Their families and friends will recognize birthdays, and you can be part of that if you wish. But only your company will recognize their work anniversary, so use this [...]

Why should we use merchandise, instead of gift certificates or cash bonuses?

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Good quality logo merchandise has far more value than an equal amount of cash, and it’s also one of the most effective forms of advertising for your company. Your merchandise lasts longer, and reminds the recipient, as well as those around her, that she was recognized for doing good things. Your merchandise makes a positive statement about your company, and [...]

Do we need you to run this program for us, can’t we run it ourselves?

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Yes, like many things in life, you can run something like this yourself; just like you can build your own house, or defend yourself in court. But it’s far more effective when you partner with an expert. We give your program consistency and reliability, so it becomes part of your culture. We know how much money you need to spend [...]