How Psychology Can Help Businesses Keep Employees Happier.

well done employee rewardsWe live in an era of instant gratification. Most questions can be answered in seconds, after a few taps on a phone. We know if a witty joke landed well online, based on how many likes and re-tweets it gets, within minutes of posting. Our food can be prepared, cooked, served, and consumed in less than a half hour, most days.

This fast paced lifestyle has trickled its way into the workplace, leaving many employees feeling undervalued and frustrated. While many companies only do performance reviews quarterly or annually, and promotions only come up occasionally, how is a company expected to keep its employees satisfied?

In a study published by the American Psychological Foundation, it was found that extroverted individuals have a positive brain response to being instantly rewarded, but not in a way that you may expect. When faced with a brainteaser that yielded rewards of $2-$20 immediately, or a delayed reward of $100-$1000, the extroverted individuals almost always chose the smaller, immediate reward. When they were rewarded, it had an immediate, positive effect on the subjects’ moods.

But what does this mean for your company?

Many sales and customer service workers possess an extroverted personality. It goes hand in hand with the job! However, handing employees that deserve a small reward here and there, a few bucks cash is difficult to keep up with, and not at all practical. However, the implementation of an Employee Rewards Program is equal parts beneficial and cost effective.

By having employees select company-branded rewards, you are going out of your way to acknowledge a job well done, while creating a positive company culture through gifts that can be received much faster than typical bonuses or promotions. It bridges the gap between a simple “Good Job!” and a pay raise. Many employees find themselves trapped in that gap, which leads to feelings of under appreciation and fears of becoming invaluable. A simple gift for staying late to complete a project, or picking up the slack for a sick co-worker not only makes the employee feel that his or her efforts are appreciated, but also has a positive effect on the employee’s mood.

This, in turn, leads to an overall happier company culture, and a lower amount of employee turnover. Many employees seek new jobs after feeling that their efforts were not appreciated, acknowledged, or compensated fairly. A program that balances incentives, over three distinct levels, can insure employees feel like their hard work was worth something. Obviously, an hour of overtime would not warrant the same reward as solving a company-wide crisis would. However, both deserved to be acknowledged, and rewarded. Employee Reward Programs make that an easy possibility, for your business.

Programs, like those offered at make implementing an employee incentive program simple. With three levels of possible rewards, fast shipping, affordable rates, can have your business set up for success within 30 days. In just a month’s time, you can be well on your way to a happier staff, and a stronger company, overall.