Employee Rewards Programs
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Gold Plan

platinum badgeGOLD Rewards Merchandise: Look at all your choices for GOLD Level Rewards, and rank your top 10 favorite items. Select “#1 Favorite” from the selection box next to your favorite item; select “#2 Favorite” for your second favorite, and so on – up to your “#10 Favorite” item. Click the “Platinum Plan – Step 3” button when you’re finished.

TenFour - Power Bank Charger, big on power

1. “TenFour” Power Bank Charger, big on power

If you want the absolute best in portable power bank chargers, this is it. We use a massively large premium grade lithium ion battery, with 10,400 mAh capacity, delivering 3.1 Amps charging power to recharge your devices much faster than a wall outlet. It has 3 USB outlets and can fully charge 3 devices at a time, with enough overall power to charge 6 cell phones, or 3 iPads before running out of power. We also give you built-in surge protection, and a heavy duty plastic case that dissipates heat quickly and prevents overheating. Capacity indicator lights show the remaining charge, and it’s FCC, CE and Rohs Certified. There’s a big print area for your company’s logo, 3.5” x 2.5” with full color digital printing. Overall size is still small enough to travel easily: 2.8″L x 4.2″W x 0.9″D, and 8.8 oz. weight.

 Our BEST Sounding Bluetooth Wireless Speaker, The Bumpster

2. Our BEST Sounding Bluetooth Wireless Speaker, “The Bumpster”

Our ceramic drivers insure that you’re getting amazing stereo sound, with full range bass enhancement, plus a super-strong built-in rechargeable battery that lasts 10+ hours of continuous play. We also give you both NFC (Near Field Communication) and a 33ft. Bluetooth wireless range, so you can “pair” most devices with just a tap, and control your speaker from across the room. We’ve added a built in microphone with fantastic call quality, for making hands-free conference calls, and “call-choice” to easily toggle between your phone calls and stereo music. Each speaker is custom printed with your Company’s Logo in a large 3” diameter circle, with full color digital printing directly on the aluminum top. Overall Size: 3.1″L x 3.1″W x 2.5″H, and 7.4 oz. weight.

  • Micro USB charging slot (cord included)
  • Compatible with any device that has Bluetooth or NFC wireless connectivity. Also included is an audio cord for devices that don’t have Bluetooth/NFC.