CONGRATULATIONS!! You’re moving forward, on your way towards doing a great positive thing for your company and your Employee Team.

The most critical part of an Employee Rewards Programs that works, and accomplishes your goals, is Consistency and Reliability. It’s not as effective if you reward employees this month, but get too busy and forget next month. Your program works BEST when you partner with an expert, to create a well managed and systematic process.

We give your program Consistency and Reliability, so rewarding employees for doing good things becomes part of your CULTURE. We make sure you achieve the absolute best results!

What should we Reward? …good question! This is where you start to understand the huge positive impact on your company, and your life, that this program can have!!

  • We call them “Rewards Moments” and once you get started with this program, you’ll begin to see them happening all around you. It’s that moment you notice an employee doing something special, and wish you had a meaningful way to recognize him right now on the spot. Now you do! (See a Sample Rewards Sheet)
  • Imagine if you created a Culture where these good deeds were Consistently and Reliably recognized and rewarded? You’d get more of them, more good deeds being done next month than last month! What kind of improvement could this bring to that large part of your life you spend at work? How much happier, more productive and more fulfilled would YOU feel, for being the one who put this together? What would your office be like, six months from now?

OK… I get it, this is way BIGGER than just handing out Rewards. This is creating real positive improvement in my “work life” – I want to try this! How do we get started?

When you work with us – it’s easy. We’ll have you up and running in less than 30 days.

  1. You pick out which logo merchandise you want customized for your company, as part of your program, from our successfully proven options.
  2. You tell us which of your Managers are approved to give out Rewards, how many people they have on their team, and where they’re located.
  3. Then we create a detailed summary of your program, including a rewards schedule, and send it to you for approval and payment.
  4. Next, we’ll design all your logo items, send you proofs for approval, and once each item is approved we produce them and have everything ready in our inventory.
  5. We give you a high impact email announcement that you send out to let everyone know about this great investment you’ve made in your employees!
  6. We create “Thank You!” Rewards Sheets for each Silver, Gold and Platinum Level, showing all the rewards merchandise in that Level. You give these Sheets to your Managers, and when they see a “rewards moment” happen – they give that person a Rewards Sheet as recognition. The recipient circles which Reward she wants, gives it back to her Manager, the Manager tells us, and we take care of the rest. (See a Sample Rewards Sheet)
  7. Each reward is sent directly to the recipient in a white box, with colored tissue paper inside, and a special “Thank You!” emblazoned largely across the top of the box.
  8. We track each Reward given out, and send you a monthly summary report showing each Reward fulfillment.
  9. We also track your Managers as they give Rewards. If any of your Mangers fall behind on scheduled recognition for their team, we send them a short friendly reminder. This is a key part of how we make this become part of your Culture.
  10. As Rewards are fulfilled, you’ll refresh them with the newest and best merchandise, while keeping your most popular items. Your program lives and evolves for as long as you continue to recognize success within your Team.

See a “rewards moment” – recognize it with a Rewards Sheet – get the Sheet back – tell us.
That’s it, 3 minutes and it couldn’t be easier!

What’s this going to cost us? …another great question! We’re extremely open and honest, so here it is, no hidden fees, no complex accounting, just tell us:

How many employees will be in your Rewards Program?

How much do you want to spend on each employee for the year?

The Total Cost of your Rewards Program for the YEAR:

Reward Level Rewards Given Out Weekly
(on average, 50 weeks a year)
Total Rewards Given Yearly Approx. Cost per Reward
(But you get 3x in VALUE)
White “THANK YOU” Boxes, Colored Paper, Shipping and Packaging Costs


GOLD $ 60

This is the best money you will EVER spend – and here’s why

  • Let’s use a comparison that’s really inexpensive; the Federal Minimum Wage is currently $7.25/hour. Let’s assume your average wage is slightly higher at $8.95/hour, so your average full time Employee earns $8.95/hour x 40 hour x 52 weeks = $18,616 yearly income.
  • If you spend our recommended $175 per employee, that’s 0.94% of your payroll. Less than one percent.
  • You can’t give your employees a 1% cash bonus and get the year long benefit of our Rewards Program… no way! Our program has a minimum 3x positive impact on your Team.

Are you convinced, and ready to move forward with an awesome Program for your company?

I’m Ready To Pick Out Our Rewards Gift Items, And Move Forward
I Think So,
But I’ve Got A Couple Questions First
This Isn’t For Us, We Don’t Like Being Happy.