systematic employee rewars program

So…. who benefits from Employee Rewards Programs anyway?

The positive effects of rewarding employees extend far beyond simply keeping workers happy. Sure, employees have the benefit of receiving great company branded logo gifts and merchandise. But beyond that, you will quickly find that the benefits trickle down, and in turn have a positive impact on other aspects of your company.

Employees that are vying for rewards are more engaged with their jobs, and put forth extra effort to accomplish tasks. Through that motivation, you will see increased productivity. Hardworking, determined employees will make the company as a whole more efficient. Knowing that efforts are recognized and appreciated will equal more effort overall.

A study conducted by The University of Missouri found links between employee and customer satisfaction. Companies that utilized methods to increase overall employee satisfaction saw greater customer satisfaction, and in turn, customers developed a stronger loyalty to the company. One of the top methods suggested by the study, to increase employee satisfaction, was to give employees incentives for good work. The offering of incentives, such as those found within an employee rewards program, promotes a good working atmosphere. Through such a program, your customers also benefit from the positive experience created by your happier, more motivated employees. This can turn an occasional customer into a loyal customer, simply through a positive overall experience.

A well structured system for employee recognition benefits managers as well. Never again will they forget someone’s birthday or work anniversary. Never again will they struggle for a meaningful way to say “thank you” for a job well done. Ongoing and repeatable “programs”, like the ones found at will keep track of managers to ensure that preselected company gifts are being given for appropriate occasions. Utilizing a predetermined budget, recognizing employees will no longer be a hassle for managers, and employees alike.

But you, the business owner, just may benefit the most from an employee rewards program. Your company’s productivity will increase, due to the increased motivation and engagement your staff has acquired. Your sales and profits will increase due to satisfied, repeat customers. Your managers will have a uniform, stress-free way to recognize employees, while still being productive managers and staying within their budgets. All of the hard work is already done for you!

With a well managed Employee Reward Program, everyone wins.